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Vaping Alternatives: A Guide to CBD and THC Transdermal Patches

Want to quit vaping? CBD and THC transdermal patches are the latest invention that can potentially help e-cigarette and vape pen users wean off their devices. This article offers a full guide into what they are and their usage, as well as benefits.

When the FDA approved the use of nicotine patches to help those who cannot quit smoking, it opened the gates for entry of other forms of patches. Soon enough we had scopolamine, to treat motion sickness other patches for other diseases. And now we have CDB and THC patches. I can bet that these cannabis-related patches are going to be more popular than anything else out there, and for good reason. Many people prefer to use these transdermal patches before they explore any other option, including CBD pills.

It’s more important than ever to look at vaping alternatives with the recent vape pen lung epidemic that has killed 29 and injured over 1,300. E-cigarette use has increased dramatically over the last few years. As states move to ban flavored vape pen use, new forms of consumption need to be explored. Vape pen lawsuits have already begun. And a recent study concluded that e-cigarettes cause lung cancer in mice. Now is a great time to explore new ways to consume CBD and THC.

You can find a lot of information online about these patches. However, many of these sites do not really break it all down in terms of benefits, risks and cautions people should be wary of. This article is designed as a complete guide to the use of CBD & THC transdermal patches, including what they are, how they are used and what kind of experience users have.

The concept of CBD & THC transdermal patches

CBD & THC transdermal patches are designed to deliver CBD oil or an extract of cannabinoid to a person in a slow process, over an extended period of time. These patches could be a great alternative for taking your cannabinoids through smoking or inhaling. The patches are discrete, odorless and very convenient. And a great option for those looking to quit vaping.

The concept of medicated plasters dates back 4000 years ago. It started in China as an ancient form of band-aid. Medicine and adhesive would be added to this piece of clothing and then applied to the bare skin. 

These patches range from medium size to large waterproof patches.

These patches release a controlled amount of CBD or THC into your system over a period of time and this is a great thing for people who are just are relatively new to the whole concept.

It is also a great way for the people who take supplements, particularly CBD related and who sometimes skip or lack the time to be consistent. CBD patches are great for medical use and they do not have a psychoactive effect, unlike their THC counterparts. THC patches are psychoactive, giving you the pleasure of getting your high in a slow but sure process.

The good [great] thing about these patches is that they are completely natural, made from organic material and with no added chemicals. These are hypoallergenic (non-GMO products).

What about getting wet?

They are also water-resistant, which allows you to shower without worry. They contain a water-resistant adhesive that allows them to stick to your body even when you come into contact with water. However, that does not mean that you spend the whole time in the water or in the swimming pool. Sooner or later they will come out.

Most patches stay up to about 96 hours until you need to change them again. Within this time, they will have most likely delivered the cannabinoids into your bloodstream and you should start observing the desired effects.

How do these patches work?

Basically, the concept of osmosis is applicable in this case. The main idea is to transfer the cannabinoid from the patch to the bloodstream.

The skin is obviously a much better and favorable place and for these cannabinoids. Additives on the patches help with the transfer. They by-pass the protective layer of the skin and allow these cannabinoids to get into their bloodstream.

How to apply these patches

You apply the patches to the skin. Makes sure that there is no cut on the skin [For hygienic purposes]. Apply on the venous area of the skin as this will enhance the absorption into the bloodstream.

Benefits of using transdermal patches

These patches are discreet, comfortable and very convenient. They allow an easy way to get your cannabinoid without having to worry about missing on taking CBD supplements.

Cannabinoids have been reportedly excellent in calming of nausea and upset stomach. The CBD type can potentially be useful in a variety of medical ways. Some treatments that CBD has been alleged to help with are: epilepsy, inflammations, and general reduction of pain. None of these claims are backed by rigorous testing yet. More research and testing needs to be done, but some data looks promising.

Where to get these patches

You can get your favorite cannabinoid patch either online or from a local dispensary. Most THC patches attained from a local marijuana dispensary require that you have a prescription to avoid misuse. It is important to note that these have a psychoactive effect on your body. It is important to ensure that you know the laws in your state regarding the use of cannabis for recreational purposes before you purchase the THC patches.

When you buy a patch, expect to find it in a foil-type wrapper that is also water proof and hygienic.

The average content in one patch is about 40mg of CBD or THC and this can be absorbed into your body within a span of about 4 days.

Cannabis users just want to get the cannabinoids into their bloodstream, for whatever desired purpose. How this gets there is gaining priority as people keep seeking better, safer, discreet, convenient and more comfortable ways to get them. Although transdermal patches are not the most cost effective way of getting cannabinoids into your body, they could easily pass for the most reliable and convenient way.

Try one today and let us know how it goes!               



The editors of have decades of experience in the THC and cannabis industry. We have been concerned about the rise of illnesses caused by vape pens and are getting the information out as best we can.

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