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These are the 24 Top-Rated and Safest Dispensaries In the United States

Purchasing your vape and THC products from trusted sources is more important than ever during the vape pen crisis. Here are the top-rated and safest dispensaries across the United States.

We’d like to caveat this list right off the bat. The cause of the current vape pen crisis is not known by the CDC. To be specific: there is currently no guarantee that vaping any product is “safe.” But all the data seems to point to one crucial point: All the vape pen lung illness sufferers were using illegal vape pens.

Illegal and black market vape pens can contain unknown contaminants. They can be made with lead. They can have metals that emit toxins when heated at high temperatures. In short, these products have not gone through any testing or vetting. And the vape pen crisis tied to these illicit products has killed 33 people and injured 1,500.

And while the vape pen crisis could creep into the legal dispensary market, it hasn’t yet. If you continue to use vape pens, we suggest purchasing them from reputable sources like the dispensaries below. Knowing how to buy the safest vape pens will keep you as safe as possible. Keeping in mind that there is no 100% guarantee of safety until the cause of the vape pen crisis is discovered.

The Safest Dispensaries Across the United States

Top-Rated and Safest Dispensaries Continued

“Safety” is Relative, Of Course

Obviously, the safest thing to do is to not vape. The CDC and FDA are working to find answers. And until we know the cause of this vape pen crisis, there’s probably no such things as safe vaping. But if you decide to continue, only purchase your products from reputable stores. If you don’t live near one o the dispensaries above, then do a little research. If you live in state that has legalized recreational or medical cannabis.

A quick Google search for dispensaries in your area will give you the ability to look for reviews online, or go inside a few to see for yourself.

A few questions you can ask will tip you off to whether the dispensary is safe and reliable or not. Is this dispensary clean? Has it existed for a while? Are the budtenders knowledgable? Can they provide testing results for the products they sell? Do they use the products?

Dispensaries that have been around a while have proven that they follow the rules. While states that have legalized cannabis recreationally, it’s still federally illegal. So a dispensary that has been around for years has clearly followed the rules. They are much more likely to have sold legal, tested products.

And also use your gut. If something feels off about a dispensary, don’t buy any products there. If you live in a legal state there will be plenty of options. Legal states have had a huge influx of dispensaries as the green rush of investment has flourished.

Always Know Your Source

Another aspect of the vape crisis that investigators have found is the source of these products. While a great deal were purchased off the streets or back alleys, some were given from friends and family. Never use any vape pen unless you know exactly where it was purchased. And ideally, you can see the testing results. While you may trust the person who is offering you the vape pen, you never know exactly where they got it. It’s a tough position to be in, but always opt for the safety. The safest dispensaries are always a better option than getting a vape pen second hand.

Be Aware of the New State Bans

Many states have banned flavored vape pens. Know if your state has enacted a ban on certain types of vape pens and e-cigarettes. And if you see them for sale at your dispensary, you know they aren’t following the rules. And if they aren’t following that rule, which other rules are they breaking.

Between the vape pen lawsuits, the criminal probes into Juul and other state bans, vaping is getting a black eye. Make sure you stay vigilant if you continue to vape. Or consider quitting vaping altogether.

Vaping may be safer than traditional cigarettes. But we won’t know the truth until more data comes in. Until then, make sure you ask all the right questions and only buy products from trusted sources. Whether that’s from the safest dispensaries, or medical marijuana outlets, know your source.



The editors of have decades of experience in the THC and cannabis industry. We have been concerned about the rise of illnesses caused by vape pens and are getting the information out as best we can.

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