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State Vape Pen Bans: Here are the States that have Banned Vaping

The vape pen epidemic has caused legislators to enact state vape pen bans. Is your state affected?

Vape pens are coming under fire right now. Teen e-cigarette use has exploded in the last few years. The rise of flavored e-cigarettes like Juul have reversed years of declining nicotine use. Additionally, there’s a vape pen epidemic that has killed 29 people and injured over 1,300.

And now state legislators are doing something about them.

The CDC is still trying to find the cause of this new vape pen epidemic. Until then, some lawmakers are taking matters into their own hands, banning vape pens or flavored e-cigarettes. Is your state affected?


While San Francisco became the first major city to ban the sale of flavored e-cigarette products, California as a state has not. California governor Gavin Newsom has stated publicly that he would like to ban e-cigarettes, he can not do so by executive order. Instead California has greenlit a $20-million “vaping awareness campaign.” And Newsom has pushed for state agencies to put forward their own anti-vaping initiatives.

Ironically, Juul – the leading e-cigarette maker – is based in San Francisco. Juul is pushing back on San Francisco’s ban. And the ban will be put to a public vote in November.

While California has had legal marijuana for over a year, there is still a very active black market. Newsom is pushing for more stringent crackdowns on all illicit vape pen sales. He has also pushed hard to curtail the youth vaping epidemic.


Michigan became the first state to enact a vape pen ban on September 18th. And the ban is set to last 180 days. Michigan’s ban has focused primarily on the has had two key goals. It’s is trying to limit the flavored e-cigarettes, which have been the primary cause of the teen vape pen epidemic.

Michigan’s governor Gretchen Whitmer also banned the ability to use words like “clean” and “safe” when marketing vape pens. This is due to the vape pen epidemic that has killed 29 and injured 1,300. Over the last few years vape pens were thought to be a safer alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes.

New York

New York voted to implement a statewide flavored e-cigarette vaping product ban on September 17th. Governor Cuomo has been a vocal proponent for action against nicotine vape pen sales. The governor’s ban came under some fire for only banning fruity flavors and not banning menthol flavors.

The ban kicks in on October 4th and will include $2,000 fines for anyone caught selling banned products. It’s set to last 90 days and is expected to be renewed easily unless new data emerges.


Governor Charlie Baker has instituted the nation’s strictest vape pen ban. Massachusetts has banned all vape pen products – flavored or otherwise – for four months. This ban includes all online and retail sales. And this ban covers both nicotine and cannabis-related products. Baker’s office released a memo essentially saying they pushed for this strong of a ban due to the lack of information on the VAPI cause.

The current ban will expire January 25th, 2020. But we would expect that to be renewed easily.


The Oregon Liquor Control Commission approved a six-month ban on all flavored vape pen products on October 11th. This ban covers all nicotine and THC products, but does not ban terpenes that taste like cannabis. So far Oregon has seen eight vape pen related illnesses and two deaths.

The ban will go into effect on October 15th and will expire April 11, 2020.


Governor Jay Inslee instituted a 120-day ban on all flavored e-cigarette products on October 9th. This ban includes products that contain THC as well as nicotine. The four month ban will go into effect until early 2020.

Rhode Island

Governor Gina Raimondo initiated a ban on flavored e-cigarette products earlier this month. Not as much is known about the details and length of time of the Rhode Island ban, but it will only apply to nicotine products.

As the vape pen epidemic continues, more states will likely enact state vape pen bans. Legislators are trying to get out in front of this issue. And we are likely at the tip of the iceberg. Vape pen lawsuits have already started. And the CDC has warned vape pen consumers against vaping altogether.

While the CDC doesn’t know exactly what’s causing the vape epidemic, data from states like Ohio have shown that it seems to be from black market vapes.

As always, make sure you know how to buy the safest vape pens, only buy from the safest dispensaries, and see a doctor if you feel any vape pen illness symptoms.



The editors of have decades of experience in the THC and cannabis industry. We have been concerned about the rise of illnesses caused by vape pens and are getting the information out as best we can.

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