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Safety First: A Complete Cannabis Dispensary Guide

As you probably know, there’s an epidemic of vape pen and e-cigarette related illnesses. So it’s important to know where and how to purchase the safest vape pens. If you haven’t purchased cannabis before, let this cannabis dispensary guide help you.

Knowing which questions to ask is the best way to make sure you’re getting the highest quality vape pens. That starts with finding a reputable and trustworthy dispensary near you.

If you want to buy cannabis for purposes, you should purchase it from a licensed dispensary. And you can only do that in states where cannabis is legal. Currently, 33 states allow medical marijuana dispensaries. While 10 states and the District of Columbia allow recreational dispensaries. Marijuana dispensaries are usually safe, regulated establishments. And they often carry everything you need to learn about, grow, and consume cannabis.

An overview of the dispensaries operating across the United States

You will find today’s marijuana dispensaries are clean, comfortable shops that help you get the best cannabis for your needs. The cannabis products offered will range from shop to shop. But you can count finding a variety of quality cannabis flowers, concentrates, topical salves, and edibles. Dispensaries also offer consumption products and seeds or clones from their own garden.

Your greatest assets at a dispensary will be the knowledgeable budtenders. They will help you decipher the displayed percentages of test results for active compounds (THC, CBD, etc.). As well as share their personal insights to help you determine which products may be best for you.

Of course, all of this depends on which state you live in. If you live in a state where cannabis is illegal, you need to visit a legal state.

Cannabis Dispensary Guide: They are growing in popularity

Compared to Amsterdam, it took the Americans more than a generation to embrace the idea of marijuana dispensaries.

The concept of marijuana dispensaries blossomed for the very first time in Amsterdam in the 1970s.

The first dispensary in the US was the San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club and was founded in 1992. Washington became the second state to legalize marijuana with the aim of improving access to cannabis with regards to patients.

The first recreational patient attending the 3D Cannabis in Colorado in 2014 was Sean Azzariti, an Iraq War Veteran. He found relief at the dispensary after struggling with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD).

Already in 2015, Americans spent more than $5 billion on legal marijuana and the trend is on the rise. Today, marijuana dispensaries are growing in popularity and more and more dispensaries are mushrooming across the country. Another shop to make the headlines is Kind for Cures that converted a defunct KFC.

Medical and recreational dispensaries

Despite federal laws, more than 33 states have legalized medical dispensaries. Certain of these states having regulated marijuana for recreational purposes equally have recreational dispensaries.

As collective gardens, dispensaries are allowed to grow their own marijuana. Medical and recreational dispensaries are regulated differently across the US. This implies that prices will automatically vary between the two.

Tips before visiting a medical dispensary

  • You will need a doctor’s recommendation as well as a medical cannabis certification and other documentation required by your state.
  • Patients must be above 18 years but certain exceptions are made with regards to minors in debilitating conditions.
  • You will have to register yourself at the dispensary for regulatory and legal purposes.
  • A medical dispensary usually has a waiting room and a separating wall allowing privacy between customers and budtenders.
  • Some medical dispensaries may allow you to examine and smell the buds before buying.

Tips before visiting a recreational dispensary

  • You must be above 21 years to be able to buy from a recreational dispensary.
  • You must present a valid ID.
  • Many recreational dispensaries have menus on their websites or at the physical location itself. The menus are generally classified as per flowers, concentrates, edibles, topical, etc.
  • Budtenders at recreational dispensaries should provide necessary information and recommendations needed.

Generally speaking, medical patients do not incur taxes while recreational customers cannot evade from them. Budtenders provide necessary information for their customers to make the right purchase for them.

Cannabis Dispensary Guide: What products can be found in a dispensary?

Different kinds of buds and flowers are going to be on display in a typical marijuana dispensary. Customers are allowed to smell but not to touch the products. You can expect to see flowers ranging from Sativa to hybrids of all sorts. Dispensaries should have test results on all their products. These tests should inform clients about the percentages of THC, cannabinoids, and terpenoids, and ensure the safety of their products. If you are purchasing a vape pen from a dispensary, make sure it is from a tested and trusted brand. Make sure it doesn’t contain Vitamin E acetate or any other potentially harmful contaminants. Some black market vape pens and e-cigarettes contain lead. These could be a cause of the recent vape pen related illness.

Gums and lozenges are amongst the most popular edibles. While marijuana-infused carbonated beverages are also attracting more and more consumers. Certain dispensaries equally offer various types of tonics and salve, targeting non-smokers. Dispensaries furthermore offer marijuana related items like vape pens, glass, dabbing utensils amongst others.

Making the difference

Manufacturers and growers are selling new and different products as legalization expands.

Today, cannabis lotions and balms are available to reduce pain and inflammation in muscles and joints.

Bath salts with marijuana are certainly going to leave consumers stress-free, relaxed and rejuvenated. Shampoos with hemp seed oil promise to stimulate hair follicles, strengthen hair and moisturize the skin.

Marijuana has invited itself in the bedroom too with THC lubricants.

To discretely get high, you can chew on cannabis-infused toothpicks developed by Kush Creams. You will feel the effects after 20 minutes.

Fairwinds Manufacturing, on its side, proposes coffee pods designed to brew a single-serving of cannabis coffee at a time. They are compatible with almost all Keurig coffee machines.

Ensuring pure products

Some dispensaries perform tests to define the level of THC, CBD, and terpenes. But we recommend choosing your dispensary well before purchasing. Especially after the new vape pen illness epidemic. Many dispensaries are taking the matter into their own hands to ensure they know what is in their products. Several dispensaries are turning towards cultivations and do their own lab testing to guarantee safe products on their shelves.

How to locate marijuana dispensaries

Today, an array of locating services is available such as Weedadvisor, Leafly, Leafbuyer & The MJ Directory among others. Leafly, for example, publishes a monthly list of the most bustling dispensaries in the US. They serve as another form of cannabis dispensary guide. They also highlight top performers according to metrics like service, product quality, customer engagement, and atmosphere. Certain independent regional newspapers also offer locating service or maps.



The editors of have decades of experience in the THC and cannabis industry. We have been concerned about the rise of illnesses caused by vape pens and are getting the information out as best we can.

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