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Dank Vapes: The Cause of the Vape Lung Epidemic?

Dank vapes, an illicit vape pen brand, may be what’s causing so many vape lung diseases illnesses.

There’s a well-known vape pen brand called Dank Vapes that is coming under fire amid the vape pen illness epidemic. While these vapes are popular, questions are arising about their safety.

While some e-cigarettes like Juul are used primarily with nicotine, Dank Vapes are primarily used with THC. Dank is a slang term for potent cannabis products.

What Are Dank Vapes?

The major problem with Dank Vapes is that while they are popular and somewhat well-know, they are not a legitimate brand. They aren’t tested. They aren’t licensed. So there’s no way of knowing what is in these vape pens. Because the reality is, these are essentially homemade vape pens.

Dank vape pens – because they are illicit – are much cheaper than store-bought and tested pens. These vape pens can cost as little as $20 per gram. While licensed vape pens usually cost $60 per gram. But with that savings comes a cost. You don’t know what you’re inhaling.

As of this writing, 29 people have died from vape pens, while over 1,300 how come down with the symptoms of this mysterious vape pen illness across dozens of states.

And while there has been a multitude of potential causes of the vape pen epidemic, there is no single cause yet found by the CDC. Initially, it was thought that Vitamin E acetate was a cause, but that has not been found to be a probable cause. One aspect that seems to be a definite cause is the use of black market vape pens. So far it seems that vape pens purchased from trusted, licensed and tested sources don’t seem to be causing the illnesses and deaths.

The CDC hasn’t come out and said that Dank Vapes are the culprit. But, it has been reported that many patients have mentioned Dank Vapes as a product they use.

So what can you do?

The one thing we know about this whole vape pen epidemic is that purchasing tested products is key. Know where you’re buying. And know what you’re buying. Avoid these mistakes when buying vape pens.

Ask your budtender about the testing results of products you buy. Make sure they have been checked out. Many illicit vape pens that have caused illnesses have not been tested. And there have been reports that black market vape pens have originated in China. And some of the Chinese made vape pens have been found to have a fungicide that turns to hydrogen cyanide when heated. We don’t need to tell you that inhaling a form of cyanide is bad for your health.

And don’t purchase vape pens from anywhere other than a trusted, real source. This may sound ridiculous, but don’t purchase any vape pens from a back alley. Don’t purchase any vape pens from someone you don’t know. And don’t purchase any vape pens from an online store that doesn’t look and feel real.

And probably the most obvious tip: don’t buy or consume any Dank Vapes. If you have been using Dank Vapes, stop immediately. And if you think you’re feeling any of the symptoms of coughing or shortness of breath, see a doctor immediately. You don’t want to become part of the inevitable vape pen lawsuits as this epidemic moves forward.

Update: Kushy Punch, a “legal” vape brand in California allegedly has an illegal facility, causing more questions in the industry.



The editors of have decades of experience in the THC and cannabis industry. We have been concerned about the rise of illnesses caused by vape pens and are getting the information out as best we can.

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