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CBD Pills: Uses, Benefits And Side Effects

Want a vaping alternative? There are lots of ways to get cannabidiol (CBD), starting with the oldest and all-time favorite method: smoking cannabis. But there are other ways to get it, too. Oils, creams, strips, patches, edibles, tinctures and now, CBD pills.

CBD pills have become popular for a variety of reasons, with their discreetness being a major factor. All you need to do is to pop them into your mouth and wash them down. There is no difference between them and the way other millions of other pills are consumed. Before we look into the benefits associated with CBD pills, let’s look into the various uses of the pills.

And as we deal with the current vape pen health crisis, consuming CBD and THC in pill form is a much safer way than inhaling. States are banning vape pens, law firms are representing vape illness sufferers and Juul has stopped selling flavored e-cigarettes. The cause of the crisis, which has killed 33 people so far, is still unknown by the CDC. Until then, it makes sense to explore alternative forms of consumption.

Uses of CBD Pills

Epilepsy Treatment and Control:

Epilepsy is a condition that makes someone have uncontrolled seizures and spasms. These seizures can be fatal depending on their intensity and frequency of occurrence. The seizures occur after the brain receives what might be called an ‘electrical overload’. CBD pills can assist in the regulation of these electric impulses in the brain, reducing the number of seizures patients experiences or even eliminating them altogether.

A prominent example of this is the story of Charlotte Figi, a 10-year-old girl who used to have over 300 seizures per month before she was introduced to a medication that included CBD as the main treatment drug. After she began taking CBD pills her seizures were reduce dramatically to about 2–3 per month.

CBD Pills to Manage Insomnia:

Taking about 16mg of CBD can help alleviate the effects of insomnia in adults. Although testing on this is still under way, researchers who have been studying CBD have recorded some improvements for people with insomnia. On its own, these will not induce sleep.

Helping Smokers Quit:

CBD-filled pills assist people in quitting smoking cigarettes. Researchers found that inhaling vaporized CBD or taking CBD pills can contribute to a reduction of over 40% of the urge to smoke. This would be a continuous process and experiments are still ongoing. We suggest quitting vaping until the cause of the vape pen lung crisis is solved.

Reducing Pain and Inflammations:

CBD connects with vanilloid receptors in the brain, which are responsible for pain and inflammations. By doing so, these inflammations subside and the pain reduces. This makes these pills especially useful in the treatment of conditions such as fibromyalgia.

Suppression of Nausea and Stimulation of Appetite:

Many cancer patients suffer from acute nausea and lack of appetite. These pills can help stimulate of the appetite and reduce nausea, ensuring that what you eat stays down.

Combating Anxiety and Depression:

This particular cannabis compound does not induce paranoia in the way that THC can.

Depression and anxiety is caused by the lack of adenosine and serotonin receptors in the brain. But when the levels of the two hormones are reduced, then the person can experience paranoia and anxiety. Depression could result, leading to suicidal thoughts. By increasing the level of serotonin (the happy hormone) after connecting to their receptors, this cannabidiol does its role in keeping mankind alive and with smiles on their faces.

Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis (MS):

CBD is becoming a prominent drug in the treatment of MS—a condition that leads to painful tightening of the muscles, incapacitating the person. CBD helps in the relaxation of these muscles and in the reduction of the pain caused during this process.

Benefits of CBD Pills

CBD Doesn’t Get You High:

Unlike their counterpart THC the CBD won’t get you high. This means consuming CBD shouldn’t disrupt your day.

They Can Be Consumed Discreetly:

These types of pills don’t stand out allowing you to take them in situations where smoking cannabis might be inappropriate.

CBD Isn’t Addictive:

The implication is that this does not cause addiction of any form.

CBD Counters the Effects of THC:

THC is the compound in cannabis that gets you high. Depending on the quality and amount, you can experience different levels of high. THC has an addictive effect as well as other intoxicating effects. These include paranoia, loss of memory, drowsiness and lethargy. These strain counters these effects.

They Work Quickly, With Long Lasting Effects:

It will stay in the body longer when taken in pill form than when smoked. This is  because your body takes long to materialize things that have been eaten versus inhaled substances.

The Side Effects of CBD Pills

There aren’t many recorded side effects of taking CDB pills but here are 2 that we found.

CBD Doesn’t Work Well With Other Medications:

If you are taking prescription medications you should consult with your doctor before taking any of these. CBD can actually interfere with the absorption and effectiveness of other medications.

Dryness of the Mouth:

Taking CBD pills can leave you with a dry mouth. Of course, drinking plenty of water can help negate this.

Precautions When Taking

There’s really doesn’t seem to be many risks with taking CBD pills. The major downside being that it has little effect. However, if you are pregnant or breast feeding, you should consult with your doctor.



The editors of have decades of experience in the THC and cannabis industry. We have been concerned about the rise of illnesses caused by vape pens and are getting the information out as best we can.

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